Neuer Patch passend zum Extinction Day

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    • Neuer Patch passend zum Extinction Day…c7af574defaa7dcc34bdc252fCall of Duty Ghosts ist auch in diesem Jahr wieder der erfolgreichste Shooter. Hauptkonkurrent Battlefield 4 hat es dem Titel allerdings auch sehr einfach gemacht, da Call of Duty doch wesentlich runder läuft als Battlefield 4. Damit das auch in Zukunft so bleibt haben die Jungs von Infinity Ward kurz vor dem Extinction Day noch ein Update eingeschoben, dass einige Bugfixes mit sich bringt. Die Liste findet ihr unter der News:

      - Fixed an issue where the Squad Reports Screen would occasionally hang on a black screen.
      - Fixed black screen issue that would occasionally occur in clan wars bonus playlist.
      - Fix for a rare bots crash.
      - Improved operations functionality.

      Weapon Balancing
      - MSBS Range reduced.
      - MSBS no longer 2 shot kill to arms and lower legs (rewards accuracy).
      - Fire rate on MSBS and Burst Fire Attachment reduced.

      Additional Fixes
      - Fix for past title entitlements not appearing properly.
      - Fixed issue that would occur when having hardline as last perk with specialist.
      - Fixed inconsistencies between SP and MP for a few patches and backgrounds.
      - Fixed rare issue with blinking objects (IED, SAT COM) if player left shortly after using.
      - Added no enemy callouts to incog perk description.
      - Fixed an issue where connecting to a Squads game could potentially see the buttons/title for an incorrect Squad mode.
      - Menu optimization for clan wars.
      - Fix for going to the store from the create-a-soldier menu.
      - Fixed incorrect indexing of perks with squads that had defined loadouts.
      - Fixed bots so they can open doors (Warhawk/Freight).
      - Fix for splitscreen issue when going to the store.
      - Blitz bug fixes.
      - Host migration timer bug fixes.
      - Fix for potentially not showing the in game "controller removed" popup.
      - Fixed splitscreen UI bug where the dom capture bar would be in the way of the reticle.
      - Fixed a couple bugs with the new icon.
      - Fix to clear unlock data when leaving post game lobbies to prevent seeing online unlock in offline modes and vice versa.
      - Added scrolling animation to social feed ticker.
      - Fix to validate reticle type even when switching sights.
      - Fixed long pause when enabling eSports mode after returning from non-eSports game mode.
      - Fixed a bug where the bomb planting bar would flash when spectating someone who planted the bomb earlier in the match.
      - Added icon to indicate bomb carrier on scoreboard in eSports mode.
      - Fix for sound issue when seeker explodes.
      - Fix for final escape being broken by player jumping off cliff after nuke activation.
      - Fix for drill disappearing when grabbing the drill after using SOFLAM.
      - Fixed unlimited weapon glitch in first contact.
      - Fixed animation issue when pressing RT before riotshield was out.

      Xbox One Fixes:

      - Fix for 360 users that were missing Free Fall bonus map once they upgraded to Xbox One.
      - Fix for store images sometimes not appearing properly in the store.
      - Fixed a bug where the friends list would not refresh for controllers other than the first slot.